Edgar and Gertrude Cayce
Edgar and Gertrude Cayce


E Komo Mai Friend,

Thank you for your interest in the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) on Oahu. We understand that during these unprecedented times people are reaching out for comfort and direction. Please know the A.R.E. and Edgar Cayce Oahu Team are available for support.

Please take a look through our website. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions.


Edgar Cayce Oahu Team




4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for contacting me! I look forward to connecting to other Cayce folks. When and where is the meeting in September? I meet on Saturdays with two long time members of a study group ala Cayce, we use his Search for God books, and meditate his way. One of the women is the wife of Harvey Green, former head of the ARE on Oahu.
    Aloha noe
    Pam Gibson


  2. I have always been interested in the work of edgar cayce. In fact he is an inspiration in my life. Always uplifting and hope for the troubled soul


  3. We would love to come to this meeting. However we will be on the mainland visiting our children. Please continue to send us information regarding future meetings


  4. Aloha. I am leaving today for a 6 weeks trip to the mainland. I would love to join this group when I return. I ‘found’ Edgar Cayce in 1991 and woke up from my unconsciousness. I was fortunate enough to go to Egypt with John Van Auken in 1993. Looking forward to meeting likeminded individuals on Oahu.


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